how to write a receipt

Correctly documenting your receipts for all your transactions can help your business maximize its possible tax reductions. If you need a receipt template to print out or use digitally, you may use any of our free receipt templates or cash receipt templates. Download your preferred design, and then customize it by adding your business information and logo. All you need to do is to fill in the fields, and then it’s all set. Receipts are documents that a supplier provides to a customer once the transaction has been completed.

how to write a receipt

When writing out a simple receipt, there is certain information that needs to be included. This helps a customer keep track of your business information and helps increase the likelihood of them returning again to purchase your product or service. It is also important to include certain information so you can keep accurate financial records of all of your business transactions. If you don’t have software to produce a digital receipt, then a handwritten receipt will work just as well.

Grocery Shop Receipt Template

Use this fillable basic receipt template to simplify receipt generation for any product or service that you provide. Enter your company name and contact information, the salesperson, the method of payment, the date of purchase, and the receipt number. Add a tracking number for purchased item(s), purchase descriptions, quantities, unit price, and line item totals. Apply the tax rate and shipping and handling costs (if applicable) to complete the customer-facing receipt. This basic receipt template also includes editable example text to guide you through creating the receipt.

how to write a receipt

Plus, since you have to manually update them and share them with your team members, there’s a delay in adoption. A live receipts template means your team is always on the same page. With a platform like, you can also track all incoming and outgoing receipts, how to fill out a receipt book giving you a real-time view of your income and expenses. You can fill in the blanks to record the details of a specific transaction. Use an expense receipt to record the monthly, quarterly, or annual expenditures made by an employee that the business will cover.

Sales Receipt Template

Hospital and medical clinic services are not cheap, and patients will always ask for transparency, and you can do this by providing a hospital receipt. There are plenty of organizations taking in donations for a good cause. Most donators offer a donation receipt that lists out all the items and goods they gave for the benefit of the cause. Food delivery services are prominent in this day and age, and people are inclined to do so as they wait for their food in the comfort of their own homes. Remember to double-check the food receipts you send out, as they must also contain the delivery fee you are charging. These are similar to the traditional and printed receipts, and these are sent through an email showing the customer’s purchased items.

  • We also have rental invoice templates you can send to remind tenants when rent is due.
  • This will ensure the date or payment remains intact, whether it is a partial or full payment.
  • Feel free to include other details like your website address, social media accounts, or operating hours.
  • It’s user-friendly and is perfect for any type of business—big or small.
  • The right accounting software can generate free receipt templates, store automatic bookkeeping updates, and track all of your small business transactions over time.


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