15 Help Desk Engineer Skills For Your Resume

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“Being in a help desk [role] is a good way to view what other, more intense positions do within the IT field.” It also gives you a chance to either choose to delve further or make a career move elsewhere, Lewis adds. Hardware and software change, but your ability to communicate effectively and think critically does not. Help desk work is an excellent place to refine the soft skills that will serve you well as you progress in your career. These are the types of transferrable skills that will stick with you on your journey of climbing the corporate ladder in the IT industry. “Technical knowledge doesn’t always stay relevant, but the ability to quickly research and master new challenges will never go down in value,” explains Nick Teeple, co-founder of  Skyline Servers.

How to prepare for the job interview

Speak with various engineers, including quality assurance engineers, senior software engineers, and young software engineers who had attended coding boot camps. The five steps listed here were critical for ensuring when QA engineer posts became available and helpful in achieving the transition. Most who were able to make the transition applied help desk engineer these steps; they continued to put themself in a position to succeed and eventually made it to full-time software engineering employment. Each company will have its own standards and metric for how long a phone call should be. This question assesses your approach to customer service and your ability to solve issues efficiently.

  • When answering this question make sure to outline the steps you would take in addition to solving the problem.
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  • Desktop support specialists tend to make the most money working in the finance industry, where they earn an average salary of $53,933.
  • As a help desk tech, you are on the other end of that ticket, and you are answering the phone.
  • It will also allow you to sharpen your help desk skills to better serve end users.

F it’s online, be sure to have a private space where you can do the interview and have decent internet access. They have the option to specialize their area of work to only handle certain tasks or problems. To succeed in their role, a help desk technician must be able to work with others toward shared goals, even if they work remotely.

List of help desk engineer skills to add to your resume

This provides important context and gives insight into your background. Before you enroll in any program, it’s important to consider what type of work you want to do, what type of technology you want to work with, or what you’d like to specialize in within the industry. If you want to develop the qualities mentioned above more quickly, there are a couple of help desk skills you’ll need to learn first.



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